Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Once again it has taken me a year to write into my blog. I guess i have had a very busy year especially after discovering My Space and Facebook and i have to say that i have been very wbusy with both. All is well with me and my family and i have to say i have been keeping busy.

Sunday, 11 May 2008


It has been a magnificant day today. I love the warm sunny days! Beautiful!!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Stop mourning and start singing

I have been away for the last two weeks spending time with friends in the DC area and teaching at Spiralheart witchamp.The gathering is a Reclaiming Witchcamp intensive which lasts for 8 days- it's full of magic, healing, self and trans formative work , rituals, paths and community. The story for the week was Krishna and the Gopis- The venue is at Claymont which is a beautiful place and was once owned by George Washington's great grand son. April and i co taught the path Dreaming the land awake- it was an earth path which involved spell work, dream divination and incubation, trance work and communicating with the ancestors and spirits of the place. Our work was very powerful and the group of folks who took the path were truly amazing people. We really opened up and really did some amazing work. There is a lot of history with the place and the ancestors and the spirits of the land were very active with us. Though the land is beautiful and wild at places it certainly needed healing done. The history of that place can be traced back to the indigenous folks, the European settlers, the slaves that help built the place. There were so many stories that this place had to tell us and that we shared with the community. However what really came out of the work that we did this week and one of the messages that came to us through our dream work was that we should stop looking into the past, that so much has happened that we need to move forward and that we was should stop mourning and start singing. This was one of many messages and we surely lived this up. One of our facilitators has handfasted at camp. Aurora wore this amazing dress and Mary looked great too. The whole experience was wonderful and what made it very special was that this divine union was witnessed by the community and old friends. I loved it and we made sure had a party which was filled with love, joy, laughter and fun. After the witchcamp i got to hang out with friends visit galleries, eat out and just enjoy the moment.

Saturday, 7 April 2007


Gosh they are a bloody nightmare- just when I thought that i finally got rid of John's verrucas, more just keep appearing. i have to say for a six year old boy with hobbit feet, he is sure coping really well. Every night before he goes to bed he looks forward to his evening ritual of I applying cream to harden his skin and John counting to 100( This is to make sure the cream dries) before he tucks his feet under his bed sheet.
I spoke to my mother yesterday and she recommended that during the full moon cycle that I clean his foot with olive oil, rub a dry bay leaf on the verruca and then bury the bay leaf in the ground. Now this is a womam who thinks that all the witchy stuff i do is bollocks- well most time! -yet she is advising me that the best way to cure verrucas and warts is to rub a bay leaf and bury it in the ground when it's a full moon. I have to say rubbing banana skin is tempting too.
I thought I better add some information about it-

Dr Rob Hicks
Getting a verruca or two is almost a routine part of growing up. Many people aren't troubled by them at all, while others find them cosmetically distressing. For some, however, they can be a real pain.
In this article
What are they?
Who gets them?
What's the treatment?

What are they?

Verrucas are warts that appear on the sole of the foot and are caused by an infection with a strain of the human papilloma virus.
They appear as hard growths on the surface of the skin and can spread quickly to other areas of the sole. The weight of the body can flatten the verruca and force it into the skin. When this happens the verruca can be painful and it may stop you from walking properly.
Who gets them?

Most people get a verruca at some point in their lives. Children and teenagers are more likely to get them than adults. They're usually caught from public changing rooms and swimming pools. Getting verrucas has nothing to do with poor hygiene.
It's easy to distinguish a verruca from a corn or hard skin because the verruca usually has tiny black dots visible in it.
What's the treatment?

Verrucas disappear on their own without treatment, but this can take years
Verrucas disappear on their own without treatment, but this can take years so most people choose to have them treated.
Don't try to dig or cut them out.
A wart paint or gel containing salicylic acid, used every day, will help remove the hardened skin. Soak the verruca in water for a few minutes then dry it before applying treatment.
Freezing a verruca with liquid nitrogen speeds up the process by partly killing the virus and partly destroying the skin that it lives in. The freezing feels cold during treatment, like putting an ice cube on your skin, and sometimes feels a little sore afterwards. Occasionally, the skin blisters, but this is usually nothing to worry about.
A single freezing treatment is often enough for small verrucas, while larger ones often need repeat treatments every two to four weeks. Your GP may offer this treatment.
Hardened skin can be safely removed using a pumice stone or emery board, but don't to be too vigorous.
Tea tree oil is well known for treating verrucas and warts on other parts the body. Another natural treatment that can be effective is to apply the inside of a banana skin to the verruca. Rub the inner skin against the verruca for a few minutes two or three times a day or cut out a piece of banana skin large enough to cover the verruca, tape it in place and leave overnight.
Having a verruca doesn't mean you can't go swimming. Provided you wear verruca socks (available from pharmacies), you won't pass the virus to other people.
This article was last medically reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks in July 2006.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

It has begun!

Well I have finally done it- set up my own blog! I never thought I would see the day that I would be writing this , however I guess I am moving with the techno age and writing my journal in cyber space now. I will make sure that I keep up with my weekly post and write interesting things.